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Haefely - Rochester, New York


In 1904, Emil Haefely founded Haefely AG. Based on a patented design for manufacturing resin-impregnated paper insulators, the company grew fast and expanded into high voltage testing in 1922. Over the years, Mr. Haefely became a specialist in the fabrication of electrical apparatus, bushings, and capacitors in insulation technology and high-voltage testing equipment


Conducted Immunity Test Equipment  ESD/Electrostatic Discharge  EFT/Electric Fast Transient/burst  Surge Testing Equipment  Power Line Quality  Compact Multi-Test Sets

Phone Numbers

Phone : (585) 552-2080
Service : +41 61 373 4444
Fax: + 41 61 373 4912



c/o Lightning EMC

300 Hylan Drive #170

Rochester, NY  14623

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